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      About Us

      GUANGDONG OUMAIWEI MACHINERY CO.,LTD. is located in Shantou ,Guangdong Province , China .
      We are a professional enterprise producing high standard automatic packaging machine and candy production equipment ,which integrates research ,design ,manufacture ,market and after services. In this field ,our packaging machines including premade pouch  packaging machine ,vertical packaging machine ,pillow packaging machine ,jelly cup filling sealing machine ,Doypack filling capping machine and blister packaging machine that can pack granules ,powder ,liquid or paste with different type pouch like stand up pouch ,zipper pouch ,3 side sealed bag ,4 side sealed bag ,Folding bag , spout pouch ,pillow bag are widely used for packing  food ,medicine ,chemical  , agriculture products etc. And for candy production line include making chewing gum ,bubble gum ,ball gum , hard and soft candy , jelly candy , whistle candy ,lollipop,chocolate bean and marshmallow etc.

      Following a principle of HONESTY FIRST & CREDIT FORMOST ,we all OUMAIWEI people are just as before to provide services more stronger as well as innovating technology support and new products introduction for customers all over the world .

      You are warmly welcome to visit OUMAIWEI Group .